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Un billet un peu tardif me direz vous, mais le voilà enfin. Voici la seconde raison qui a dirigée mes pas jusqu’à Villepinte pour la Japan Expo 2010. En tant que figma fanboy c’est avec le coeur rempli de joie que je suis allé à la rencontre des responsables de Good Smile Compagny.
A little late post you might say, but here at last. This is the second reason that led my steps to Villepinte to the Japan Expo 2010. As figma fanboy is with heart full of joy that I went to meet « Good Smile Compagny » officials.
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For complete the duo Vocaloid 2 today with Ren Kagamine shooting . Ren nii-san is the musicman couple with a keyboard-guitar (Yamaha of course) that the master perfection. Released at the same time as the couple Rin follows Miku Hatsune.
The figma is for me, one of the most successful. Why? I explained!

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rin kagamine figma 19

Je sais, je sais, cette figma de Rin kagamine est sortie voilà un certain temps déjà et je suis un peu à la bourre sur la review. Je m’en excuse, mais voila, il mieux tard que jamais. ^^ Figma n°19 Rin Kagamine est la version féminine du duo Vocaloid 2. Mlle Rin est au chant tentant de se rapprocher de son idole Miku Hatsune (voir review de la figma ici 😉 et de la figurine de GSC ici et là pour le live :) )

Pur produit otak’ on retrouve le duo ici avec Kokoro.

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Voilà comment se présente le figma cycle. Lire la suite »

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Yesterday I received a package sympa comme tout! It contained two action based SMS Macross Frontier (Bandai) to expose my two VF-25, F and S. But also for superparts Messiah Valkyrie. Which is adaptable to all VF, Band had the intelligence to put in the box of plates and stickers to shift the colors of each VF (Alto, Ozma, Michael, Luca).
I am also very pleased to have finally figma Round, blue, as Miku.

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Receiving a super package containing some exclusives of wonfest!

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Hatsune Miku live !! Nagato and suzumiya rock band

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A complete review about Miku Hatsune by good smile. Pictures home made by Mikiwank. Moe, moe !!

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